I write about science anywhere that will let me, including Physics World, Scientia, Viewpoint, and Silicon Republic. One of my favourite recent pieces was Fighting Fire with Fire:

Science is sexist, the world is on fire, and I want to do something about it. But, sometimes, the most important problems are the ones that feel the most intractable.

We know that it is desperately important to address the climate crisis before our planet is changed irrevocably. We also know that despite the decades-long efforts of activists, sexism in science limits the contributions and the success of those who don’t fit the scientific stereotype of straight white men. With the threat of a climate emergency looming, we need the skills of everyone. We can’t get by if we only allow some people into the fight.

Both these battles can feel unending, yet they are both of critical importance. If those with power make things so bad that everyone else gets tired of fighting, what do we do? Do we give up? How do we dismantle the structural oppression, and the environmental oppression, that seem to be woven into our society?

Let’s Talk About Science: A science and science communication blog that I write with Erin Hardee of the University of Dundee. Some of my favorite posts about science have been about radiation, stained glass, and a three part series on information, entropy, and life.

I also completed a MA in creative writing in 2021, and have published poems in Poetry Ireland Review, Crannóg, Consilience, and Kelp Journal. You can read my poem ‘Breathing and Burning‘ in Consilience, the science poetry journal.

And I wrote and narrated a short film about the science of the very small, which is below for your viewing pleasure.